Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Great Idea with Headdresses while Learning

Transforming the Culture of Schools: Yupik Eskimo Examples By Jerry Lipka (1999)  is an great book giving examples, while learning the different groups of Eskimos and Whites working in the same levels, which Yupik drumming and singing got involved as  learning. Therefore, they the students made their own headdresses for the use of the Yupik patters in based mathematics. Ina  White and Esther Ilutsik, two ciulistet teachers involved in this, they introduce the unit by connecting the human heartbeat to patterns and the Yupik drum's and then began to beat out the rhythm. This give more connections to their mathematic learning. 

Lipka,J. (1999). Transforming the Cultures of Schools: Yupik Eskimo Examples, pg 161 Retrieved November 24, 2010.

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